Promoting Good Governance at Local Level in Jordan


Jordan is undertaking significant efforts to guarantee an efficient and effective public sector and promote good governance, despite the numerous challenges the country is facing due to the international context.

Following the approval of the new Municipality and Decentralisation Laws by Parliament, and their subsequent ratification by Royal Decree, Jordan is currently revamping the role of its sub-national levels by re-allocating competencies to institutions in the municipalities to allow:

  • greater development and community involvement in the decision-making process
  • more opportunities for citizens to participate in decision-making 
  • citizens to contribute and benefit from more sustainable local development and a more equal distribution of economic benefits.


Discover the new Highlights document - Towards a New Partnership with Citizens: Jordan's Decentralisation Reform





On 8 December 2015, the Steering Committee of the G7 - Deauville Partnership approved the project proposal; 
“Support Jordan’s ongoing decentralisation efforts by promoting good governance and open government policies and practices with a focus on municipalities”

This three-year project financed by the MENA Transition Fund will focus on

  • assessing the current governance arrangements in the country
  • understanding the impact that new laws will have on governance policys
  • building the necessary capacities to promote inclusive and effective policy-making and public service delivery

In the context of the collaboration between the OECD and the MENA region through the MENA-OECD Governance Programme, the project will draw on the expertise of the OECD and will facilitate Jordan’s access to OECD thematic networks of policymakers and practitioners in the field of public governance and open government policies.


Launching of the G7 Deauville Parnership Transition Fund project

The launching conference was the occasion to officially launch the collaboration between the Government of Jordan and the OECD in the presence of all relevant stakeholders. During the various sessions, participants discussed the objectives of the ongoing public sector reform process in Jordan and how the project can effectively support it. 

For further information please see the conference agenda



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