Promoting access to information


The right to access information is an essential part of open government. It enables citizens to participate more fully in public life, it helps combat corruption and protect citizens' rights, it supports scientific research, and it stimulates trade and the economy.


With the support of the Middle East Partnership Initiative, the OECD assists Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia in the set-up of comprehensive access to information ecosystems:


Establishing a supportive legal and regulatory framework


  • Providing advice on the access to information law in conformity with international standards

  • Adapting the overall legal and regulatory framework to the access to information law

Building capacity in the public administration

  • Capacity-building programme on access to information for officials at the central and local levels and in the public administration as a whole

  • Providing guidance on the implementation of the law

 Supporting Access to Information Commissions in fulfilling their mandate

  • Supporting Commissions to enhance their effectiveness and set up necessary procedures

  • Promoting collaboration and raising awareness

Disseminating information on the right to access information & building capacity within civil society

  • Information and training events for civil society and journalits

  • Guide on the Right to Access Information for Citizens: Tunisia, Lebanon (forthcoming in 2019) & Morocco (forthcoming in 2019)





Right to Access Information in Tunisia: Citizens' Guide Access to Information Guide in Tunisia: Public Servants' Guide

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