Working Group I: Civil Service & Integrity



The Working Group on Civil Service and Integrity of the MENA-OECD Governance Programme brings together policy practitioners from MENA and OECD countries. It offers a platform promoting regional dialogue and exchange of good practices in the area of civil service reform for integrity and innovative anti-corruption policies and institutions. The Working Group is co-chaired by Morocco, Spain and Turkey.  


Key outcomes


The Working Group supports policy practitioners in setting up legal and institutional frameworks to support good and accountable governance, as well as  prevent and respond to corruption. With corruption being a major concern of governments and citizens in the MENA region, many countries have set up institutions specifically dedicated to combatting corruption, adopted asset declaration requirements and codes of conduct for public officials and modernised internal control and risk management systems. Several countries in the region also passed access to information laws, introduced notions of whistle blower protection and put in place watchdog mechanisms such as ombudsman institutions and citizen charters which enhance government transparency and enable a stronger participation of citizens in fostering good governance and fighting corruption. 





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