EU-OECD Project - Support the Palestinian Authority to enhance Governance and the Rule of Law (2020-2024)

This EU-OECD project seeks to support the Palestinian Authority (PA) in achieving a more effective, transparent and participatory policy- and law-making process and thus enhance Palestinian citizens’ and businesses’ trust in their government’s action. More specifically, the project will aim at enhancing the capacity of law and policy-makers to:

  • Produce clear, effective and transparent primary and secondary legislation;
  • Use efficient public consultation mechanisms as part of the policy development process; and
  • Develop (and improve) online tools providing access to adopted and draft legislation.

The project’s objective is in line with the Palestinian National Development Plan (NDP) 2021-2023, which puts an emphasis on achieving national unity, effective government, and social justice and the rule of law. Additionally, the objective is aligned with the European Union’s policy of supporting the Palestinian Authority to ensure a public sector that enjoys a reputation of integrity, performance and responsiveness through the cost-effective delivery of quality public services.

The project draws on OECD’s technical expertise and international tools and standards developed by OECD public governance experts and the regional network and knowledge of the MENA-OECD Governance Programme.

Programme Key Topics

►   Policy- and law-making

►   Regulatory policy

►   Access to legislation



► Capacity-building programme on policy and legislative development

  • First set of training on 1-3 March 2022 | Agenda
  • Second set of training on 13-15 July 2022 | Agenda
  • Third set of training on 27-28 February 2023 | Agenda

► Capacity-building programme on online tools to access legislation

  • Workshop on 21 June 2021 | Agenda
  • First set of training on 22-23 June 2021 | Agenda
  • Second set of training on 13-15 July 2021 | Agenda

► Capacity-building programme on public consultations

  • First set of training on 21-22 December 2022 | Agenda
  • Second set of training on 9-10 May 2023 | Agenda
  • First phase of onsite coaching programme on public consultations in June-September 2023 | Agenda


Rule of Law and Governance in the Palestinian Authority: Delivering Better Policies and Legislation for People 

Good Practices Manual on Policy-making and Regulatory Policy (forthcoming)

Contact us

For more information about the project, please contact Amira TLILI ([email protected]) and Jean-Jacques HIBLE ([email protected]).

See also information on the EU-OECD project: Support the Palestinian Authority in Public Administration Reform.