EU-OECD Project - Ma’an – Together for an accountable and transparent public administration in Jordan (2022-2025)

The EU-OECD project analyses and supports the Government of Jordan to improve the institutional arrangements, practices and tools setting the integrity, transparency and accountability environment within the country. The project will build on the high-level political commitment and engagement that Jordan has made towards improving this environment expressed through the:

  1. Public Sector Modernisation Roadmap 2022;
  2. National Strategy of Integrity and Anti-Corruption 2020-2025; and,
  3. Open Government Action Plan 2021-2025.

The project will focus on delivering against the following strategic outputs.

  1. Holistic assessments of:

(a) The public sector integrity environment in Jordan conducted in line with the OECD strategy for integrity (the OECD Recommendation on Public Integrity), which builds on three pillars: building a coherent and comprehensive public integrity system; cultivating a culture of integrity; and enabling effective accountability.

(b) The government's capacity to design, implement, monitor transparent, accountable and inclusive policy outcomes corresponding to citizens’ needs and demands.

  1. Practical policy recommendations for the Government of Jordan, that are aligned to the national reform agenda, and aim to strengthen Jordan’s integrity, transparency and accountability environment.
  1. Strategic capacity building activities that support the Government of Jordan in implementing the recommendations.
  1. Opportunities for the project’s key stakeholders to participate in regional dialogue, and the exchange of good practices, through conferences and network meetings.

The project is based on the long-standing and strategic cooperation between the Government of Jordan and the EU, as well as the fruitful cooperation between the Government of Jordan and the OECD. The project draws on OECD’s technical expertise and international tools and standards developed by OECD public governance experts and the regional network and knowledge of the MENA-OECD Governance Programme


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