Efficient and Effective Budgeting


Strengthening good fiscal governance to increase transparency and accountability and rebuild citizen trust in government

Without public sector performance and good public financial management, governments will not be able to deliver quality services and cope with mounting pressure and demands on public expenditures.

The MENA – OECD programme works with countries in order to improve budget transparency and accountability. Providing governments with best practices in order to create more efficient, transparent and participatory budgeting and public financial management processes. 
The programme focuses on:


  • Developing a more strategic vision of public expenditures (e.g. medium-term expenditure frameworks);
  • Better aligning budget and policy objectives (e.g performance – based budgeting)
  • Modernising public control and audit frameworks


Best Practices on Budgeting
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Recommendation of the Council of Budgetary Governance
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Tunisia Country Project

The OECD supports Tunisia in strengthening inclusive governance with a view to increasing transparency and accountability, restoring citizens’ trust in Government action and promoting a more inclusive economic development.

In a context of macro-economic constraints and rapid institutional evolution, Tunisia has embarked on an ambitious reform journey to improve fiscal governance and implement principles of good governance in public financial management.

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Working Group III - MENA Senior Budget Officals Network

Public budgets are key policy documents to reconcile policy objectives and are thus subject to special requirements with regard to transparency and accountability.

Since 1980, budget directors from OECD member countries have been meeting regularly in the Working Party of Senior Budget Officials (SBO). The OECD Budgeting and Public Expenditure Division organises an annual meeting of senior budget officials for the Middle East and North Africa. The MENA–SBO is the leading regional forum of budget directors to:

  • Gather OECD and MENA delegates and international experts (IMF, World Bank).

  • Discuss priorities in budgeting and public financial management reform (e.g expensiture prioritisation, performance budgeting and medium term expensiture frameworks).



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