Building institutional capacities for recovery & reconstruction in Yemen



In the framework of the G7 Deauville Partnership MENA Transition fund, the project “Building institutional capacities to prepare for recovery and reconstruction in Yemen” aims to support the Government of Yemen in building institutional capacities at the central and local level to design and implement policies, and to deliver basic public services.

Project activities include institutional capacity building and policies for the delivery of basic services in particular through the Public Works Programme to prepare the country for post-conflict recovery and reconstruction with a focus on:

  • Coordination at the central and local levels
  • Voice and accountability
  • Empowerment of regions

The project is funded by the MENA Transition Fund of the G7 Deauville Partnership and implemented by the OECD and the Islamic Development Bank.


Launch conference on 10 July 2018 in Jeddah  



The OECD organised a high-level consultation and capacity building event in the Headquarters of the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). The meeting gathered members of the Government of Yemen, including the Minister of Local Administration, the Minister of National Dialogue, the Deputy Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, the Deputy Minister of Finance, representatives Yemeni public service providers, along with the EUD, World Bank, UNDP, the IsDB and the OECD. The meeting allowed for the Government of Yemen to officially endorse the outline of the forthcoming Strategic Framework document, validate the main findings of the surveys conducted by the OECD, and validate the training programmes for the central level. 


The OECD High-level consultation Round in the IsDB HQ with the Government of Yemen, 25 February 2020   



The OECD organised a first capacity building programme (online) for mid-senior managers from the Government of Yemen (Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, Ministry of Civil Service, Ministry of Local Administration, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Public Works and Housing, National Dialogue Secretariat, Social Fund for Development, Public Works Programme). The objective was to form a task force within the central government on modern techniques of good governance for coordination mechanisms, voice and oversight mechanisms to deliver basic public services. With the support of three experts from Tunisia, Egypt and Palestinian Authority, the programme enabled participants to identify, use, and train on tools of good governance for Yemen during and after conflict. In this framework, two additional training programmes will be organised with the Task Force in 2021. 

Stay tuned for the training summary and main takeaways. 


1st OECD Training Programme for the Government of Yemen on Building Institutional Capacities, via Zoom, 25-28 January 2021  





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