Access to Justice in Morocco


Strengthening women’s access to justice in the MENA region

Access to justice is a central issue that can facilitate or hinder gender equality in all areas of public life.

Women in the MENA region tend to have less access to, and ownership of, judicial processes. In some countries, while women may enjoy equal access to justice, other institutional and legal impediments such as limited awareness and persistent societal restrictions continue to hinder de facto access.

Enhancing gender balance in the justice system can reduce barriers for women’s access to justice, such as the stigma associated with reporting violence and abuse, and, and ensure a more equitable approach to enforcing the law. Proactive efforts are needed to increase women’s representation at all procedural levels across the justice sector, to guarantee gender-adapted responses in all legal services.






Project on strengthening the institutional and coordination capacities of assistance and judicial orientation centres for women victims of violence in Morocco

‌The OECD is currently implementing a project to reinforce women’s access to justice in Morocco. This project aims to allow women to effectively interact with the Moroccan public administrations while placing the issue of gender-based violence at the forefront of policy-making. These centres are the key entry point for women to access the judicial system. 

The project consists in two capacity-building seminars for the directors and listening staff of these centres. It will also design a “cahier des charges” which will establish the work and services these centres should provide, and an “Information Guide” of good practices, based on OECD benchmarking and recommendations.






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