Ministerial Meeting 2015: Scenario-based policy discussion


ITEM 2: Scenario-based policy discussion

Wednesday 3 June 2015 - 1:10pm

The Ministerial Council Meeting was formally opened by the MCM Chair with opening remarks and the adoption of the agenda.

The OECD Secretary-General presented his Strategic Orientations which offer a reflection on the policy challenges faced by Member and Partner countries and highlight how OECD analysis and advice can promote stronger growth, development and well-being. The Strategic Orientations also informed the Scenario-Based Policy Discussion.

During the Scenario-Based Policy Discussion Exercise Ministers were invited to:

  • on the basis of three “what if” scenarios, take a long-term view of the policies needed to address the challenges of unlocking investment for sustainable growth and jobs
  • engage in a strategic dialogue on possible implications for policy design and implementation

The aim of this session was to support an interactive exchange of views among Ministers about ways in which the broader policy context might evolve, and encourage the sharing of national experiences.





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