Ministerial Meeting 2017: Documents


MCM 2017 documents

  • Strategic Orientations of the Secretary-General
    For reference C/MIN(2017)1

  • Key Issues Paper
    For reference C/MIN(2017)2

  • Update Report 2017 - Inclusive Growth
    For reference C/MIN(2017)3

  • Going Digital: Making the Transformation Work for Growth and Well-being
    For reference C/MIN(2017)4

  • Enabling the Next Production Revolution: A Summary of Main Messages and Policy Lessons
    For reference C/MIN(2017)5

  • Preventing Ageing Unequally - Action Plan
    For reference C/MIN(2017)6

  • Report on the Implementation of the OECD Gender Recommendations
    For reference C/MIN(2017)7

  • Enhancing the Contributions of SMEs in a Global and Digitalised Economy
    For reference C/MIN(2017)8

  • 2017 Ministerial Council Statement "Making Globalisation Work: Better Lives for All"
    For reference C/MIN(2017)9/Final

  • Report of the Chair of the Working Group on the Future Size and Membership of the Organisation to Council: Framework for the Consideration of Prospective Members
    For reference C/MIN(2017)13

  • Chair's Statement
    For reference C/MIN(2017)18

These documents are published under the responsibility of the Secretary-General of the OECD. The opinions expressed and arguments employed herein do not necessarily reflect the official views of OECD member countries.




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