Shared Values: Building a Green and Inclusive Future

As OECD Members pass the grim milestone of one year fighting COVID-19, hope beckons on the horizon with the advent of vaccines and the potential of a return to “normal.” But what have we learned? And to what “normal” do we want to return to? Beyond the monumental task of simply recovering from the COVID-19 crisis, governments must determine what future its citizens want and what values and policies will serve as its foundation. In this context, 2021 will be a pivotal year in determining and strengthening the shared values, which will guide Members through the coming decade and the global challenges we must confront together.

Our two-part 2021 Meeting of the OECD Council at Ministerial Level (MCM), chaired by the United States with Korea and Luxembourg as Vice-Chairs, will gather Leaders and Ministers to honour the past, address the present, and celebrate the future under the theme of “Shared Values: Building a Green and Inclusive Future”. Part I of the MCM will take place 31 May and 1 June 2021 virtually and analyse the present global economic situation, reflect on hard-learned lessons from the pandemic so far and highlight the national and international priorities for the recovery. The event also marks the transition of leadership from current Secretary-General Angel Gurría to the incoming Secretary-General Mathias Cormann. Part II of the MCM will take place in the fall and will focus on medium- and long-term challenges including the future of the OECD, transforming shared values and policy priorities into action and the adoption of deliverables that reinforce our shared values and articulate our plans for building a green and inclusive future.