Statement by the Secretary-General


Angel Gurría OECD Secretary-General

In 1947, the launch of George Marshall’s plan for the reconstruction of war-torn Europe brought new hope and dynamism to millions of European citizens, helping to pave the way for a return to economic growth and prosperity. Today, as the successor to the organisation set up to administer the Marshall Plan, the OECD helps governments around the globe to develop effective economic policies. Through a unique combination of analysis, international benchmarking and peer reviews among member countries, we contribute to fair and open competition for trade and investment and solutions where countries can make the most of their resources in the interests of all.

As we mark this 60th anniversary of the Marshall Plan, the OECD is embarking on a challenging programme of expansion and outreach. We have invited five countries – Chile, Estonia, Israel, the Russian Federation and Slovenia – to open membership talks. And we have offered enhanced engagement to other major players, including Brazil, China, India, Indonesia and South Africa, with the possibility that this may pave the way for membership later. In saluting the vision of those who first conceived the Marshall Plan, I look forward to expanding co-operation between countries around the globe within the framework of the OECD. Our role is to help the world economy work better. How well we succeed will be judged by generations to come.


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