Private sector leadership and the future of local economic development



  4 May 2022 | 15:00 – 16:30 CET via Zoom 

What’s the issue?

Economic development does not happen without the private sector making investments and creating jobs. However, how can we tap the private sector in more ways than just investing, trying to make a profit and growing jobs in our communities? There are many experiences where the private sector can and will lead public-private organizations aimed at recruiting new employers to a community, financially support economic development organisations and use their extensive contacts to help make economic development happen. Other communities use a government only approach to economic development. What are the advantages to these private sector led initiatives and how do they work? What added value can they provide as communities prepare for broader transitions such as digitalisation and the sustainability imperative and work to make themselves more resilient to shocks going forward?

Selected Speakers

  • Jeff Finkle, International expert on local economic development (moderator)
  • Andrew Boraine, Chief Executive, Western Cape Economic Development Partnership, South Africa
  • Anne Bovaird Nevins, President, Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation, United States
  • Daniel Silverman  Vice President, Foreign Direct Investment, Investissement Québec International,Canada
  • Joanna Jakubowska-Łazęcka, Deputy Director, Department of Innovation and Business Development, MARR – Malopolska Regional Development Agency, Poland

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