LAC Ministerial Summit on Social Inclusion 2017, Asunción, Paraguay



The First Ministerial Summit on Social Inclusion was held in Asuncion, Paraguay on 16 November 2017. It focused on the imperative of building more inclusive social protection systems and how they can be adapted and reformed to promote formal jobs and consolidate the region’s growing middle class. It highlighted the importance of conducting a transition from conditional cash transfers and fragmented programmes to integrated systems that provide support and protection across the life cycle, increasing effi ciency in social spending and improving progressivity of taxation.

Only with such a comprehensive approach, the region could tackle informality, which leaves workers without the social protection andrepresents large losses for workers and firms.


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Featured Publication:

High Level Meeting on social inclusion LAC

Enhancing Social inclusion in Latin America: key issues and the role of social protection systems describes the challenge of social inclusion in Latin America through the prism of poverty, vulnerability and inequality. It discusses the policy levers that can be used in response with a special focus on the role of social protection systems.


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