Government of the Republic of Korea: Useful links


Web site for the Korean Delegation to the OECD:
(in English and Korean)

Government Sites:

Korean Government (
The Korean Government's official homepage is the gateway to information about Korea on the current events, the government, the economy, arts and culture, history and society. The Directory section provides you with an exhaustive list of links to Government and private English sites related to Korea.
(in English, versions available in French, Chinese, Japanese, German, Spanish and Vietnamese)

Office of the President of the Republic of Korea (
Numerous information on the President, its office Cheong Wa Dae, the participatory government, geography and people, national symbols, Korea and the world, the Korean language.
(in Korean and English)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (
A helpful site with general information about Korea, visa procedures, Korean trade and economy, foreign policy and relations with links to special events and tourist Web sites.
(in Korean and English)

Ministry of Finance and Economy (
You will find among others an international coverage of the Korean economy, daily and monthly economic indicators, financial market trends as well as a legislation section.
(in Korean and English)

Ministry of Information and Communication (
This site provides an introduction to the major policies of the Ministry of Information and Communication.
(in Korean and English)

Other Sites:

Korea National Statistical Office - KNSO (
This site provides information on Korean statistical reports, publications, surveys, statistical laws and much more.
(in Korean and English)

Invest Korea (
It is the Korean foreign investment promotion agency (IPA) which has been established with the sole purpose of facilitating the entry and successful establishment of foreign business into Korea. This Web site provides information and online consulting on geographical, economical, business opportunities, foreign investment status in Korea and grievance resolution.
(in Korean, English and Japanese)

Korean Economic Portal (
You will find analysis and statistics in numerous fields as well as an investment guide.
(in Korean and English)


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