Environmental Performance Reviews: Korea (2006)


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   ISBN: 9264024042
   Publication date: 
   21 Sep 2006
   Pages: 268  


This book is part of the OECD Environmental Performance Reviews Programme which conducts peer reviews of environmental conditions and progress in each member country. It scrutinises efforts to meet both domestic objectives and international commitments. The analyses presented are supported by a broad range of economic and environmental data and lead to recommendations for further environmental and sustainable development progress.                                                 
A first cycle of Environmental Performance Reviews, covering all member countries was completed in 2000. The second cycle focuses on environmental management, sustainable develop-ment and international commitments.

Topics covered:

  • Pollution Management
  • Nature and Biodiversity Management
  • Environmental-Economic Interface
  • Environmental-Social Interface      
  • International Co-operation

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Conclusions and Recommendations
Chapter 2. Pollution Management
Chapter 3. Nature and Biodiversity Management
Chapter 4. Environmental-Economic Interface
Chapter 5. Environmental Social Interface
Chapter 6. International Co-operation

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