KSA Pilot Project Summary: Knowledge Sharing Framework for Regional Policy Networks (OECD Southeast Asia Regional Programme)


The OECD Southeast Asia Regional Programme was launched at the OECD Ministerial Council Meeting in May 2014. The Programme aims to support the regional economic integration process and reform priorities in Southeast Asia. Building on existing structures, the Regional Programme will provide a platform for exchange of good practices and mutual learning between policy makers in Southeast Asia and OECD countries. Ahead of this launch, the 2014 OECD Southeast Asia Regional Forum was held in Bali, Indonesia, in March. The event provided an important opportunity to gather perspectives from countries in the region on how the Regional Programme can be most useful to them. It addressed policy themes relevant for the ongoing regional integration process as well as the domestic reform agendas of Southeast Asian countries.


KSA support helped foster knowledge sharing and mutual learning between policy makers in Southeast Asia and the OECD countries at the Regional Forum by organising a policy dialogue in its opening panel. KSA also advised the Secretariat on mainstreaming knowledge sharing across the work programme of the Regional Programme during its design phase. A summary report was produced and distributed among the participants after the launch of the Southeast Asia Regional Programme.


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