KSA Pilot Project Summary: Knowledge Sharing for Innovations for Good Governance in Indonesia


The Government of Indonesia invited the OECD to support the knowledge sharing project on Innovation in Public Sector reforms, in co-ordination with GIZ and Korea. The ultimate objective of this pilot project is to promote policy dialogue: i) at the national level, within the Indonesian public sector, and between Indonesia and the OECD by including innovative Indonesian practices in the Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI database), a database which was used exclusively by OECD countries; and ii) at the regional (Southeast Asia) level.


KSA support contributed towards several joint knowledge sharing activities on innovation in public sector reforms, which have led to the formation of a national knowledge platform in Indonesia. The platform aims to help promote inter-ministerial agency dialogue on bureaucratic reforms. As part of the knowledge sharing mechanism, the pilot generated three types of learning loops to foster a better understanding and practice of innovation:


  • At a national government level, between the Indonesian Ministry for Administration and Bureaucracy Reform (KEMPAN), the National Administration Academy (LAN), other Central Ministries and Agencies, sub-national government and civil society;


  • At a regional level, through the Asian Public Governance Forum bringing together government practitioners from eight Asian countries;


  • At an international level, leveraging the OPSI Conference on Public Sector Innovation as a forum for knowledge sharing between OECD and Indonesia.


The pilot had also been conducted on the belief that an active role for Indonesia in international and regional knowledge sharing and networking would stimulate innovation, build local capacity and contribute to international understanding of how to design and implement public sector reforms to achieve results. Subsequently the knowledge sharing platform was scaled up to the regional level, and a Southeast Asia Regional Network on Open and Innovative Government was launched on 24 March 2015 in parallel with the OECD Southeast Asia Regional Programme conference, linking it to the OECD’s broader strategy of engagement with Southeast Asia. The network brings together country delegates to exchange experiences, share knowledge and build capacity on open and innovative government practices to enhance service delivery and programme implementation. The network will also feed the OECD OPSI platform with relevant cases, thus enhancing systematic dialogue with OECD countries at the international level.

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