The Objectives of the Knowledge Sharing Alliance



Initially co-created by OECD, in partnership with the German Federal Ministry for Economic Development and Cooperation (BMZ) and Korean Ministry for Strategy and Finance (MOSF), the Alliance is open to all parties interested in knowledge sharing on equal footing.‌

The Alliance is open to all OECD members and other stakeholders such as government institutions from different Ministries and levels of government, International Organisations. KSA works with external organisations having field presence to continuously support the implementation of policy reforms and share their knowledge in complementarity to OECD.

Knowledge Sharing is one of the pillars of the OECD Strategy on Development together with Policy Coherence for Development. A key output of the Strategy is the Knowledge Sharing Alliance (KSA), created in January 2013. The OECD uses Knowledge Sharing to add value to its policy networks and policy dialogues. It is used as a collaboration space between countries, bringing together knowledge from each partner of the Alliance. The objective is to learn from each other and co-produce knowledge

This is an initiative which can offer mutual benefits – for developing countries, for international and regional organisations, and for its Members in addition to the OECD. It can also allow for better-informed analysis and policy options that are more relevant for countries at different stages of development. This may help them adapt their policy decisions to their contexts and needs, and respond better to the complex challenges of implementing policy reforms in today’s rapidly changing global context. 




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