OECD Working Papers on International Investment


The international investment working paper series – including policies and trends and the broader implications of multinational enterprise – is designed to make available to a wide readership selected studies undertaken under the aegis of the OECD Investment Committee, by OECD staff, or by outside consultants working on OECD Investment Committee projects.  

The full series of OECD Working Papers on International Investment is listed below in chronological order. The working papers, including descriptive abstracts, can also be accessed via the OECD iLibrary


2021/5 - Extreme capital flow episodes from the Global Financial Crisis to COVID-19: An exploration with monthly data

2021/4 - Analysing sectoral capital flows: Covariates, co-movements, and controls

2021/3 - The future of investment treaties - possible directions

2021/2 - Business responsibilities and investment treaties

2021/1 - Assessing the effectiveness of currency-differentiated tools: The case of reserve requirements



2020/1The most favoured nation and non-discrimination provisions in international trade law and the OECD codes of liberalisation



2019/3 - Drivers of divestment decisions of multinational enterprises - A cross-country firm-level perspective

2019/2 - The Broad Policy Toolkit for Financial Stability: Foundations, Fences and Fire Doors  

2019/1 - The Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment - Do Statutory Restrictions Matter?



2018/1 - Societal benefits and costs of International Investment Agreements l Spanish



2017/5 - Adjudicator compensation systems and investor-state dispute settlement

2017/4 - Have currency-based capital flow management measures curbed international banking flows?

2017/3 - Addressing the balance of interests in investment treaties: The limitation of fair and equitable treatment provisions to the minimum standard of treatment under customary international law

2017/2 - The balance between investor protection and the right to regulate in investment treaties: A scoping paper

2017/1 - Foreign direct investment, corruption and the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention



2016/3 - State-to-State dispute settlement and the interpretation of investment treaties

2016/2 - Investment policies related to national security

2016/1 - The legal framework applicable to joint interpretive agreements of investment treaties



2015/3 - Currency-based measures targeting banks - Balancing national regulation of risk and financial openness

2015/2 - Investment Treaties over Time - Treaty Practice and Interpretation in a Changing World

2015/1 - The Policy Landscape for International Investment by Government-controlled Investors/ A Fact Finding Survey


2014/3 - Investment Treaties and Shareholder Claims: Analysis of Treaty Practice

2014/2 - Investment Treaties and Shareholder Claims for Reflective Loss: Insights from Advanced Systems of Corporate Law

2014/1 - Investment Treaty Law, Sustainable Development and Responsible Business Conduct: A Fact Finding Survey



2013/4 - Temporal validity of international investment agreements: a large sample survey of treaty provisions

2013/3 - Investment treaties as corporate law: Shareholder claims and issues of consistency

2013/2 - Lessons from Investment Policy Reform in Korea

2013/1 - China Investment Policy: an Update


2012/3 - Investor-state dispute settlement: A scoping paper for the investment policy community | 普通话 

2012/2 - Dispute settlement provisions in international investment agreements: A large sample survey

2012/1 - Corporate greenhouse gas emission reporting: A stocktaking of government schemes 



2011/2 - Defining and measuring green FDI: An exploratory review of existing work and evidence

2011/1 - Environmental concerns in international investment agreements: a survey



2010/3 - OECD's FDI Restrictiveness Index: 2010 Update

2010/2 - Foreign state immunity and foreign government controlled investors

2010/1 - Intellectual property rights in international investment agreements



International investment agreements: A survey of environmental, labour and anti-corruption issues

Investment guarantees and political risk insurance: Institutions, incentives and development



Economic and other impacts of foreign corporate takeovers in OECD countries

Essential security interests under international investment law



2006/4 - OECD's FDI regulatory restrictiveness index: Revision and extension to more economies

2006/3 - Interpretation of the Umbrella Clause in Investment Agreements

2006/2 - Investor-State Dispute Settlement in Infrastructure Projects

2006/1 - Improving the System of Investor-State Dispute Settlement: An Overview | French



2005/3 - Corporate Responsibility Practices of Emerging Market Companies - A Fact-Finding Study

2005/2 - Multilateral Influences on the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises

2005/1 - Transparency and Third Party Participation in Investor-State Dispute Settlement Procedures | French



2004/6 - Mobilising Investment for Development: Role of ODA - The 1993-2003 Experience in Vietnam

2004/5 - ODA and Investment for Development: What Guidance can be drawn from Investment Climate Scoreboards?

2004/4 - Indirect Expropriation and the Right to Regulate in International Investment Law | French |
               Косвенная экспроприация и право на регулирование в международном инвестиционном праве

2004/3 - Fair and Equitable Treatment Standard in International Investment Law | French 国际投资法上的公正与公平待遇标准

2004/2 - Most-Favoured-Nation Treatment in International Investment Law | French

2004/1 - Relationships between International Investment Agreements | French 



2003/2 - Business Approaches to Combating Corrupt Practices | French 

2003/1 - Incentives-based Competition for Foreign Direct Investment: The Case of Brazil



2002/2 - Managing Working Conditions in the Supply Chain: A Fact-Finding Study of Corporate Practices

2002/1 - Multinational Enterprises in Situations of Violent Conflict and Widespread Human Rights Abuses | French



2001/6 - Codes of Corporate Conduct: Expanded review of their contents

2001/5 - The OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and other corporate responsibility instruments

2001/4 - Public policy and voluntary initiatives: What roles have governments played?

2001/3 - Making codes of corporate conduct work: Management control systems and corporate responsibility

2001/2 - Corporate Responsibility: Results of a fact-finding mission on private initiatives

2001/1 - Private Initiatives for Corporate Responsibility: An Analysis



2000/5 - Recent trends, policies and challenges in South East European countries

2000/4 - Main determinants and impacts of FDI on China's economy

2000/3 - Lithuania: Foreign Direct Investment Impact and Policy Analysis

2000/2 - Investment Patterns in a Longer-Term Perspective

2000/1 - Bribery and the business sector: Managing the relationship



1999/3 - Rules for the Global Economy: Synergies between Voluntary and Binding Approaches

1999/2 - Deciphering Codes of Corporate Conduct: A Review of their Contents

1999/1 - Southeast Asia: the Role of FDI Policies in Development



1998/1 - Survey of OECD work on international investment


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