Webinar on Foreign Direct Investment Flows in the time of COVID-19


13 May 2020 14h00 CEST

Many have taken stringent public health measures to limit the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. These public health measures have caused severe economic disruptions that could impact the foreign direct  investment (FDI) decisions of firms. Governments  have  also taken significant economic policy actions to forestall, or cushion, the economic consequences of the public health crisis. The eventual impact on FDI flows will depend on the success of both these public health and economic policy responses.

This webinar presented and discussed an OECD policy note on Foreign Direct Investment Flows in the time of COVID-19 that considers the implications and challenges of the COVID-19 crisis for international investment. The note reviews initial responses from the OECD investment policy community as economies around the world address the crisis and prepare for the recovery.


Ana Novik, Head of the OECD Investment Division, will moderate the webinar and Maria Borga, Head of the OECD International Investment Statistics Unit, will present the policy note.  

Jeroen Nijland, Commissioner of the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency and Chair of the OECD Investment Promotion Agency Network

Rodrigo Monardes, Head of Investment Division within the Subsecretaría de Relaciones Económicas Internacionales, Chile

Michael Williams, Deputy Director, Macro Analysis and Modelling of the UK Department for International Trade and Chair of the OECD Advisory Task Force on the Codes of Liberalisation





Maria Borga, Head of the FDI Statistics Unit of the OECD Investment Division, looks at FDI Flows in the time of COVID-1p


Replay of the webinar 



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