OECD Technical Workshop on Foreign Direct Investment and Global Value Chains


19 October 2015 - OECD Conference Centre, Paris


Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) by multinational enterprises (MNEs) are one of the main drivers of globalisation and of the creation of global value chains (GVCs). Both inward and outward FDI is important to many economies, and links production across countries. MNEs account for a substantial part of international trade flows – both for trade within the firm and with arms-length trading partners. Still, despite substantive and ongoing research on international trade, MNEs and FDI, and their economic impact, measures that quantify the direct and indirect roles of FDI and MNEs in GVCs, for a wide range of countries and industries, are not yet available.


On 19 October 2015, the OECD Working Group on International Investment Statistics (WGIIS) and the OECD Working Party on Trade in Goods and Services Statistics (WPTGS) are organising a joint workshop on the integration of FDI statistics into the analysis of global value chains.


Objective of workshop

The workshop will discuss the first results of the OECD Secretariat’s work on integrating FDI statistics into the analysis of Global Value Chains (OECD-WTO Trade in Value Added Initiative) to better account for foreign ownership. These results also highlight the statistical challenges in trade and FDI statistics, including for example the consistency of FDI and FATS statistics, the harmonization of industry classifications across value added, FDI, and trade in goods and services statistics (including Trade by Enterprise Characteristics and Services Trade by Enterprise Characteristics), the role of SPEs and capital-in-transit, and the blurring of the line between trade in services and FDI income. A selection of OECD member countries will present their new activities to work towards ensuring this consistency and thereby producing new indicators on globalisation.


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