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The Impact of Regulation on International Investment in Portugal




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The Impact of Regulation on International Investment in Portugal examines how regulatory reforms could help Portugal build a more enabling and competitive environment for investment, in particular foreign direct investment (FDI). The report analyses trends and patterns of FDI activity in Portugal, including its broader economic, social and environmental benefits to Portugal. It gives an overview of the economy-wide and sector-specific regulatory settings in Portugal compared to selected European peer economies and provides an empirical analysis of the potential effects of domestic regulatory reforms on FDI. Foreign investors’ perceptions on Portugal’s business environment complement these findings. The report indicates potential areas for regulatory reforms and proposes policy measures to further improve Portugal’s investment climate and support efforts to attract and retain more FDI while strengthening its contribution to sustainable development in Portugal.




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High-Level Launch

20 March 2023 - Virtual Event

Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Portugal has grown rapidly over the last decade. Further foreign investment could help respond to long-term structural challenges and accelerate the country’s digital and green transitions. Yet, burdensome market entry conditions and other factors shaping the investment climate may at times hold back foreign investment.

The launch of this report went over some of the key aspects of Portugal’s domestic regulation and broader business environment that matter most for foreign investors. High-level opening remarks were followed by a presentation of the main findings and policy considerations of the report and a panel discussion involving both policy makers and representatives of the business community. The launch was organised in collaboration with AICEP Portugal, the Ministry of Economy and Maritime Affairs and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Portugal.

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In the media

OCDE vê incerteza sobre investimento estrangeiro e sugere novas reformas (Jornal de Negócios, 20 March 2023)
Estrangeiros representam 2% das empresas e 46% das exportações (Publico, 20 March 2023)
Foreign investment boosts economy, supports development, says OECD (ECO, 20 March 2023)
OCDE diz que "sistema judicial mais eficiente" poderia"aumentar confiança dos investidores" (Diário de Noticias, 20 March 2023)
60% de investidores estrangeiros veem vistos como entrave em Portugal (Observador, 20 March 2023)
Portugal precisa de reformas para captar mais investimento estrangeiro, diz OCDE (Dinheiro Vivo, 20 March 2023)


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