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The Policy Framework for Investment in Agriculture


Private investment is essential if agriculture is to fulfill its vital function of contributing to economic development, poverty reduction, and food security.

Agricultural production needs to increase by at least 60% over the next 40 years to meet the rising demand for food. In a context of rising land and water scarcity, agricultural investment is thus critical to induce output expansion and bolster incomes in rural areas, thereby enhancing global food security.

A coherent policy framework is an essential component of an attractive investment environment for all investors, be they domestic or foreign, small or large. To assist governments mobilise private investment in agriculture, the OECD has developed the Policy Framework for Investment in Agriculture (PFIA).

The Policy Framework for Investment in Agriculture


The 10 policy areas of the Policy Framework for Investment in Agriculture 

  • Investment policy
  • Investment promotion and facilitation
  • Infrastructure development
  • Trade policy
  • Financial sector development
  • Human resources, research and innovation
  • Tax policy
  • Risk management
  • Responsible business conduct
  • Environment

The PFIA is a flexible tool which helps governments evaluate their investment policies in the ten areas essential to creating an attractive environment for investors and in enhancing the development benefits of agricultural investment. 

The PFIA has been used by Burkina Faso, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Tanzania to improve their agricultural investment climate.

The PFIA is a sectoral adaptation of the Policy Framework for Investment. It was first developed in 2010 by the OECD Sustainable Investment Programme for Africa , the Sahel and West Africa Club and the Office of the Special Adviser on Africa of the UN Secretary General. It has since benefited from inputs from the agricultural, investment, and development policy communities at the OECD.


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3 July 2014 

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