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  • 20-September-2001


    OECD Reviews of Foreign Direct Investment: Lithuania

    Since regaining its independence in 1990, Lithuania has undergone a remarkable economic transformation. By the end of 2000, this process had been greatly stimulated by the inflow of some US$2.3 billion in foreign direct investment. FDI has contributed to green-field investment, mergers and acquisitions, as well as the privatisation of state-owned-enterprises. Creating favourable conditions for FDI has been a core element of

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  • 20-June-1997

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    OECD Reviews of Foreign Direct Investment: Chile

    Chile is a significant host for foreign direct investment (FDI) in South America, especially given the relatively small size of its economy. The attraction of Chile to foreign investors lies not only in its resource abundance but also in its tradition of openness to foreign investment. Chilean policies towards inward investment generally conform to OECD standards, and the country has been a trailblazer within Latin America in terms of

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  • 27-September-1995

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    OECD begins negotiations on a multilateral agreement on investment

    SG/PRESS(95)65 - 27 September 1995: The OECD today launched high-level negotiations to develop a strong, comprehensive framework for international investment that will strengthen the multilateral system. A Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) would provide high standards for the liberalisation of investment regimes and investment protection, with effective dispute settlement.

  • 5-January-1995


    The General Agreement on Trade in Servcies (GATS): An Analysis

    This paper was prepared by the OECD in order to provide an in-depth description of the new worldwide rules which will govern trade in services as of 1 January 1995.

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  • 12-October-1967

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    Protection of Foreign Property: Draft Convention and Resolution of the Council

    This document reproduces the Draft Convention on the Protection of Foreign Property and Resolution of the Council of the OECD on the Draft Convention [C(67)102] which was adopted by the Council of the OECD on 12 October 1967.

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