Public sector innovation and e-government


‌‌Public Sector Innovation seeks to develop a better understanding of innovative approaches and tools, and their impact on government performance and public service delivery. e-Government explores how governments can best use information and communication technologies (ICTs) to embrace good governance principles and achieve policy goals.

Innovating the Public Sector


ICTs in Government


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Innovation was not only the theme but also the modus operandi of the OECD Conference on Innovating the Public Sector: From Ideas to Impact (12-13 November 2014) which brought together over 300 participants from over forty countries from the public, private, academic and civil society sectors. 

Participants had the opportunity to try out tools for innovation such as policy labs and prototyping during workshops; hear from top academics and experts; and learn how the creativity of citizens and civil society is helping the public sector to design and deliver better public services.   

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"I think we’re at a really interesting place around the role of ICT in government…I always like to look to see where the CIO sits in the org chart – it’s a very ‘old school’ thing to do, but it tells you a lot about how that government understands technology."

David Eaves, Public policy entrepreneur and open government activist, chats about his reflections inspired by the OECD E-Leaders meeting, and his perspectives on the value of these intergovernmental gatherings to people working in the trenches.