Panellists 3.2 Managing Digital Security and Privacy Risk



‌‌Axelle Lemaire   Axelle LEMAIRE has been the French Ministry of State for Digital Affairs since April 2014. She calls her now position the “portfolio for imagination”. Born in Canada in 1974, she studied political science at Sciences Po in Paris and law at the Sorbonne and King’s College London. She worked as a researcher and international lawyer before entering politics as a parliamentary assistant in the House of Commons. In 2012, Axelle LEMAIRE was elected in the French National Assembly to represent the French diaspora living in Northern Europe. As the Secretary of the Law Committee and a member of the European Affairs Committee, her main areas of interest were the digital society and digital economy, the protection of human rights and gender equality, and European politics. The mother of two children, Axelle enjoys reading, running, and travelling.
  David Luna is the Minister of Information and Communications Technologies of Colombia since 2015. He is a Lawyer and has an Administrative Law major Degree. Mr. Luna also achieved a Master’s Degree in Government and Public Policy from the Externado University of Colombia and University of Columbia, USA. He has worked in the political field since he was 20 years old, as Councilman in Bogota. In 2006, he was elected Congressman and in 2011 he was Vice-Minister of Labour Relations in the first Administration of President Juan Manuel Santos. Between 2013 and 2015, he was the voice of the government in regions, as the Presidential Adviser for Regions. With over 20 years of experience in the public sector, Minister Luna believes that ICT’s are a strategic tool for having a more inclusive and developed country through the generation of opportunities for all and the reduction of poverty.
Augusto Espín   Augusto Espín received his Bachelor´s Degree in Electric Engineering specialized in Telecommunications at the Polytechnic School of the Army (ESPE) and a Master of Science Degree in Telecommunications Management in Oklahoma State University. He is currently Minister of Telecommunications and Information Society since 2014 in Ecuador. Further plans during his administration include fostering and development of ICT public policies, massive deployment of Internet access for citizens and business. Previously, he was Vice minister of the Coordinating Ministry for Strategic Sectors.  Chief Executive Officer of mobile service “Alegro” enterprise (currently the State-owned CNT). He also worked for Microsoft Corporation, 3Com Corporation, ESPE Research Center, and has also been invited to participate at international panels as guest speaker to share the current strategies applied to the development of the sector.
  Olli-Pekka Rantala is Director-General of the Data Department from the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications. Mr. Rantala has held several Director and Senior Advisor positions with the Ministry of Transport and Communications since 1999. From 2002-2007 he was a Counsellor (Telecommunications, Information Society and Audio-visual Affairs) Permanent Representation of Finland to the EU, Brussels 2002-2007. Mr. Rantala has a Master of Social Sciences (economics) from the University of Helsinki and is married with two children.
  John Edwards was appointed to the position of Privacy Commissioner of New Zealand in February 2014 after a more than 20 year career practicing law. He has a degrees in law (LLB) , and public policy (MPP) from Victoria University of Wellington and has advised and represented a wide range of clients from the public and private sector. In addition to a practice specialty in the field of information and privacy law, he held warrants as a district inspector for mental health, and as district inspector for intellectual disability services. In October 2014 John was elected as Chair of the Executive Committee of the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners, a position he still holds

Guillaume Poupard graduated from the École Polytechnique in 1992. A research weapons engineer, he holds a PhD in cryptography from the École normale supérieure in Paris, supervised by Jacques Stern and awarded in 2000. He also has a higher education qualification in psychology.

He began his career as expert then head of the cryptography laboratory of the Central Department for Information Systems Security (Direction centrale de la sécurité des systèmes d’information—DCSSI). In 2009, the DCSSI became the National Agency for Information Systems Security (Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d’information—ANSSI).

In 2006, he joined the Ministry of Defence, where he continued to work in governmental cryptography before moving to cyberdefence. In November 2010, he took over management of the Information Systems Security unit within the technical department of the national procurement agency DGA (Direction générale de l’armement), in charge of cybersecurity expertise and technical policy. On 27 March 2014, he was appointed Director General of the ANSSI. He is married with three children.
  Ms. JoAnn C. Stonier is Executive Vice President and Chief Information Governance and Privacy Officer for MasterCard and is responsible for managing data risk as well as ensuring privacy and data protection compliance and regulatory engagement for the enterprise.  Ms. Stonier is on the Board of Directors of the International Association of Privacy Professionals, where she currently serves as Vice Chairman.  She is also on the Steering Committee for the World Economic Forum’s Data Driven Development Initiative as well as the boards of the Information Accountability Foundation and the Centre of Information Policy Leadership.  For her leadership in Privacy and Information Governance, Ms. Stonier has been recognized by the Information Governance Initiative as the Chief Information Governance Officer of 2015 and in 2011 she was named as an Aspen Institute First Mover Fellow.
  Robin Simpson is Senior Policy Adviser for Consumers International (CI), and has been with CI since 2002 having previously worked as Head of Policy for the UK National Consumer Council. During that time he has worked on CI’s global positions on various issues including financial services, infrastructure services (water, energy, telecoms), international trade and competition and most recently digital products. He represents CI in international forums such as the OECD Committee on Consumer Policy, the OECD/G20 Task force on consumer protection in financial services, ISO and UNCTAD where he is one of CI’s negotiating and drafting team preparing written and verbal submissions, in particular CI’s proposed redraft of the UN Guidelines on Consumer Protection.
Urs Gasser   Urs Gasser is the Executive Director of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University and a Professor of Practice at Harvard Law School.  His research and teaching activities focus on information law, policy, and society issues.
  Gus Hosein is the Executive Director of Privacy International, a London-based human rights charity. For over twenty years he has worked at the intersection of technology and human rights. He has been a visiting fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science and the American Civil Liberties Union. He has a B.Math from the University of Waterloo and a PhD from the University of London.
Key Interveners  
  Laurent Liscia, CEO and Executive Director at OASIS, Laurent Liscia, Ph.D., CEO and Executive Director at OASIS, provides leadership, operational oversight, and strategic vision for the consortium. He represents OASIS in the international arena, serving as an advocate for open standards in matters of policy and adoption. Laurent also develops new opportunities to extend the breadth and depth of future OASIS work. Prior to joining OASIS, he co-founded several Web-related companies, including Traackr and Webmotion. Laurent served as a Media Attaché for French Foreign Affairs and has worked in France, Canada, and the United States. He holds a doctorate from the Sorbonne University and speaks English, French, Italian, and Spanish. Laurent is based in San Francisco


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