International Migration - Managing Migration



Migrants who wish to travel legally are rarely free to go wherever they want. Their movements are governed by a raft of rules, conventions and regulations that determine who may go where. But, equally, international agreements can give people significant rights to settle abroad.

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Chapter 3 explains that irregular migration - sometimes called “illegal” or “undocumented” immigration -forms only a part of the overall flow of migrants, but it attracts the lion's share of publicity. What this can obscure are the rules, conventions and regulations that govern migration, and which both empower - and sometimes limit - governments in determining who comes to live within national borders. Chapter 3 looks at how these systems work, and at how governments manage migration.

Did You Know?
In OECD countries with reasonably high levels of immigration and which are not geographically isolated, between about 1% and 3% of the total population is typically made up of irregular immigrants.

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