Economic Globalisation - Origins and consequences


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ISBN: 9789264111899
April 2013
156 pages  18 graphs
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Although globalisation is as old as trade itself, it remains controversial. Does it boost development or worsen inequality? Does it generate employment or destroy jobs? Does it damage the environment or offer means to preserve it? Does it cause financial instability or make investment more efficient?

This book discusses these questions in relation to the recent crisis as well as the history of global economic integration. It examines how the accelerating interconnectedness of markets and national economies is affecting us all and assesses how globalisation is evolving in the light of recent events.


Table of contents

Foreword by Pascal Le Merrer, Economist, professor at the École normale supérieure de Lyon, author of Économie de la mondialisation: opportunités et fractures

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. The merchant, the inventor and the sovereign

Chapter 3Growing economic integration in a divided world

Chapter 4A global or semi-global village?

Chapter 5. Does globalisation promote development?

Chapter 6Does globalisation promote employment?

Chapter 7. What is the impact of globalisation on the environment?

Chapter 8The 2008 financial crisis – A crisis of globalisation?



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