Economic Globalisation - Does globalisation promote employment?


Even though competition from low-wage countries has some negative effects on employment in OECD countries, the link between globalisation and job losses is less obvious than it first appears. In times of economic shock such as the recent recession, globalisation seems to create more jobs overall than it destroys. Likewise, the total increase in wage inequality of the past two decades seems more linked to technology and legislation than globalisation – which does nevertheless undeniably contribute to increased job insecurity in some cases. The challenge is to help the “losers” of globalisation stay in the race and seize the new opportunities offered by openness to international trade.

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Chapter 6 mainly considers to what extent globalisation destroys or creates jobs in Western countries, as well as its impact on job quality.

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OECD work on employment is available at:

  Source: “Seizing the Benefits of Trade for Employment and Growth”, joint report of the OECD, ILO, World Bank and WTO, available at


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