OECD explores scientific challenges for meeting energy needs, Paris, 17-18 May


10/05/2006 - The OECD will gather representatives from energy companies, research funding agencies, industrial research and development managers, and top scientists to discuss the direction science should take to address the world’s growing energy demands. This meeting is open to journalists. (French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, 5th arrondissement, Entrance at 25, rue de la Montagne Sainte-Geneviève).
Many new technological solutions are being proposed to meet global energy needs during the coming century. But which ones can ensure affordable, reliable, safe and environmentally sound energy? Where might research lead to untapped sources of energy based on major technology breakthroughs?    
Participants will look at the most promising technologies, assessing their impact on the global energy future and discussing which could best offer a higher energy yield if more funding for research and development were available. A common set of assessment criteria will be applied to all proposed solutions, from biomass to thermonuclear fusion.  As the final answers might lie with a mix of energy sources – some combination of oil and gas, solar, bioenergy, coal and nuclear – the meeting will also look at possible roles for governments, academia and industry, and the need for research by a cross-section of science sectors.
The meeting agenda, including participants, is available on the OECD web site at  The meeting format emphasises short presentations by world-class experts, and extensive interactions with the audience members.
To attend this meeting, journalists are invited to contact Helen Fisher, OECD's Media Division (tel. + 331 45 24 80 97).


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