Science, technology and innovation policy

Business Innovation Policies: Selected Country Comparisons




Pages: 156
Published: October 2011
ISBN 978-92-64-11565-1




This study is concerned with trends in and key features of policies and programmes used by governments to support innovation in the business sector. In addition to identifying good practices across a range of programme types, it compares business innovation policies across Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finalnd, Netherlands, Norway and the United Kingdom.

 The themes examined in the study include:

  • Key trends in business innovation policies.
  • Policies to encourage business spending on research and development, and the respective merits and demerits of direct and indirect support measures, such as grants and tax credits.
  • The rationales for – and good design features of – a range of additional policies to encourage and facilitate innovation in business. These policies include: financial support for innovative start-ups; innovation hubs and centres of excellence; technology-related networks; and technology incubators.
  • A review and assessment of policies to stimulate demand for innovation and facilitate commercialisation of innovative ideas, whether through innovation-oriented regulations, standards or public procurement.
  • Methodological approaches and metrics to evaluate policies to foster innovation in business.

The study also makes observations on policy mix issues. In this and a number of other sections, there is a particular focus on Canada.

Table of contents

Executive summary

Chapter 1. Business innovation policies: Findings and policy conclusions

Chapter 2. Public support for business R&D

Chapter 3. Non R&D-based public support for business innovation

Chapter 4. Demand-side policies to support innovation: Trends and challenges

Chapter 5. Evaluating public support for innovation in business: Methodologies and metrics

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