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A Data-driven Public Sector - OECD Working Paper


A data-driven public sector 

OECD Working Papers on Public Governance No. 33, May 2019 - Charlotte van Ooijen, Barbara Ubaldi & Benjamin Welby

Over the last decade the Open Government Data movement has successfully highlighted the value of data and encouraged governments to open up information for reuse both inside, and outside the public sector.

This Working Paper argues that governments now need to go further and put the role and value of data at the core of thinking about the digital transformation of government. A data-driven public sector (DDPS) recognises that data are an asset, integral to policy making, service delivery, organisational management and innovation.

The strategic approach governments take to building a DDPS can have a positive impact on the results they deliver by promoting evidence-led policy making and data-backed service design as well as embedding good governance values of integrity, openness and fairness in the policy cycle.



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