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OECD e-Government Studies: Belgium 2008


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 20 November 2008
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Belgian citizens want the look and feel of a single public sector entity and the provision of integrated e-government services customised to their needs rather than to have to understand the complex division of governmental responsibilities. Belgium already has internationally recognised examples to show: most importantly the transformation of the social sector administration through e-governance tools, and more recently the link of e-government services to administrative-burden reduction.

Future transformation will be enabled by the common electronic identity card (eID) that has been adopted by all governments. This report shows that the development and provision of the next generation of user-focused services will require the maximisation of synergies between the federal, regional and community governments and local authorities in Belgium. 

Issues covered

• Monitoring of user needs and user satisfaction;

• Marketing and promotion of e-government;

• Concentrating on seamlessness, equity and responsiveness;

• Creating a coherent framework for legislative challenges;

• Improving the implementation capacity.

Table of contents

Assessments and Proposals for Action

 Chapter 1. Introduction
 Chapter 2. Challenges to E-Government
 Chapter 3. E-Government Leadership
 Chapter 4. Implementation of E-Government
 Chapter 5. Collaboration Frameworks
 Chapter 6. Outputs and Outcomes

 Case Study 1. National Digital Inclusion Framework in Belgium
 Case Study 2. The Crossroads Bank for Social Security
 Case Study 3. Administrative Burden Reduction in the Governments of Belgium
 Case Study 4. Electronic Identity Card

Annex A. Belgium E-Government Indicators

Annex B. Belgium's Political and Administrative System

Annex C. Methodology

Annex D. Glossary

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The full report is available in English only. Dutch, English and French versions of the Assessment and Proposals for Action are available separately.


OECD e-Government Studies: Belgium - Assessment and Proposals for Action

Études de l'OCDE sur l'administration électronique: Belgique - Évaluation et propositions d'action

OESO-studies over e-government: België - Evaluaties en actievoorstellen


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