SMEs and entrepreneurship

Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative – WE Initiative


The WE Initiative aims at boosting women’s entrepreneurship at the global, national and local scale through improved policy efforts.


It is based on 4 pillars:

1. Provide comparable international data on women entrepreneurs’ access to finance by including gender-disaggregated data in the OECD Scoreboard on Financing SMEs and Entrepreneurs


2.  Identify best practices on priority topics (e.g. women tech entrepreneurs)


3.  Provide tailored policy guidance for countries and local areas through case studies


4. Develop a multi-stakeholder platform bringing together the public and private sectors






On 27 March 2019, CFE organised Time to Unlock the Potential of Women Entrepreneurs, a high-level panel discussion as part of the OECD #MarchOnGender series of events. The panel discussion examined why women entrepreneurs matter and what policy can do to leverage their talents.

moderated by Miriam KOREEN, Senior Counsellor on SMEs and Entrepreneurship, OECD, and and featured closing remarks by Gabriela Ramos, OECD Chief of Staff and Sherpa to the G20.

    • Gilles MIRIEU DE LABARRE, Deputy High-Commissioner for Social and Solidarity Economy and Social Innovation, Ministry of Ecological and Inclusive Transition, France
    • Anne RAVANONA, CEO and Founder, Global Invest Her, Olivier KERSALÉ, Responsable du Pôle Innovation, Initiative France, Chiara CONDI, Founder
    • Marie LE TREUT, Financial and Accounting Advisory Services , EY.


On 13 December 2018, CFE organised a screening of the award-winning documentary She Started It, in the presence of Nora POGGI, who co-directed the film.

Moderated by Lamia KAMAL-CHAOUI, Director of OECD’s Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regions and Cities

    • Salwa TOKO, President of the French Conseil National du Numérique
    • Florence ROPION, Vice President & General Manager Large Commercial, Dell EMC and Responsible of the Dell Women’s Entrepreneurs Network in France
    • Cordelia FLOURENS, Senior Counsel, Google/Youtube and Founder of Elles Font Youtube
    • Nora POGGI.


On 18 September 2018OECD’s Forum for Local Development Practitioners, Entrepreneurs, and Social Innovators hosted a workshop on Women’s Entrepreneurship in the Digital Economy.


    • Nicolas HAZARD, Founder and President, INCO
    • Ines Santos SILVA, Advisor of the Portuguese Secretary of State for Industry
    • Loubna AZGHOUD, COO of Women in Business  and Women in Tech Brussels
    • Natalia BASTERRECHEA, Head of Policy for Facebook Spain and Portugal
    • Lu LI, Founder, Blooming Founders.


For further information, please contact Lora Pissareva,OECD Policy analyst


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