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March on Gender 31 March 2022



March on Gender : Women's entrepreneurship policies that work for your territory: using the Better Entrepreneurship Policy Tool


 31 March 2022  15:00-16:30 CEST Remote  

  • What's the issue?
Women are less active in entrepreneurship than men. Over 2016-20, 9% of women were starting and managing new businesses in the OECD relative to 13% of men. Policy can help address the market failures and barriers behind that gap, but where should we start? The Better Entrepreneurship Policy Tool (BEPT) was developed by the OECD and European Commission to help policy makers and other stakeholders identify strengths and priorities in their current policies and programmes for women entrepreneurs. This event will be an interactive session were participants will learn to use the tool and experiment with it in real time and learn more about good practice policy examples to turn these results into actions.


  • Why attend this event?

This webinar will demonstrate how the OECD-EU Better Entrepreneurship Policy Tool can be used to engage women entrepreneurship stakeholders and identify gaps in the women entrepreneurship support system. Participants will gain hands-on experience by completing part of the tool during the event and will learn about how the tool has been used in practice.

Participants will be invited to start working with the tool in advance of the webinar. Once participants register for the webinar, they will receive an email from the OECD-EU Better Entrepreneurship Policy Tool with a link to start working with the tool. Some time has also been allocated during the webinar for participants to get an initial experience with the tool.



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