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March on Gender 25 March 2022


March on Gender : supporting women's entrepreneurship


 25 March 2022  15:00-16:15 CEST Remote  

  • Background
Women are under-represented in entrepreneurship, especially among growth-oriented start-ups. Only 15% of high-potential start-ups have at least one woman founder and less than 6% are solely founded by a woman entrepreneur. This is due to many factors, notably including access to finance. The funding gap is even more noticeable among growth-oriented, innovative start-ups – women receive less than 2% of total venture capital investment. The persistent gender gap in entrepreneurship and lack of investment in women entrepreneurs is costing economies opportunities for job creation, growth and innovation. Creating a more inclusive pipeline of women founders and investors can help inspire more women to pursue entrepreneurship as well as more investment in women entrepreneurs.


  • Why attend this event?

This webinar will explore how public policy can inspire a more inclusive pipeline of women founders and investors. The discussion will cover the barriers faced by women entrepreneurs, including access to funding and scaling their business, as well as innovative solutions for closing the funding gap between women and men founders. This webinar will shed light on questions such as:

    • How can policy better leverage the talents of women entrepreneurs?
    • How can policy inspire and maintain a stronger inclusive pipeline for women founders, notably for those with growth-oriented and innovative businesses?
    • How can financial support measures be more effective at reaching and supporting growth-oriented women entrepreneurs?


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