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Science, technology and innovation foster competitiveness, productivity and growth. Over 200 indicators in the OECD Science, Technology and Industry (STI) Scoreboard 2015 show how OECD and major non-OECD economies are starting to move beyond the crisis, increasingly investing in the future. The charts and underlying data in the OECD STI Scoreboard 2015 are available for download and selected indicators contain additional data expanding the time and country coverage of the print edition. The STI Scoreboard is published every other year, alternately with the OECD Science, Technology and Industry Outlook.



Published: October 2015


Click here to access the OECD iLibrary version of the STI Scoreboard which allows you to download indicators individually as well as the underlying data, or browse by theme:


Thematic briefs

Researchers on the move: The impact of brain circulation

Science and research today

Faced with major economic, societal and environmental challenges at a time when budgets are under pressure, policy makers look for evidence to help them guide efforts to ensure investments in science and research help improve people’s lives. This briefing note aims to provide an overview of recent OECD indicator-based evidence on the state of science and research today. These indicators raise further questions that are the subject of ongoing analytical work within OECD and the broader community engaged in the study of science policy.

Maximizing the benefits of R&D tax incentives for innovation

Rationale, design and cost of R&D tax incentive support

Investments in knowledge based assets such as R&D are key drivers of innovation and economic growth in today’s knowledge economies. Governments throughout the OECD area and beyond provide significant levels of financial support for business to encourage R&D investment. This note presents the latest OECD data and statistics on R&D tax support, providing evidence on the design and cost of R&D tax relief and recent trends in the use of tax incentives across OECD and partner economies.


Country notes


Korea: Korean | English | Press release: Korea leading in technologies that have potential for future growth, says OECD 

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