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NEW! Phase II of the EU-OECD Programme on Investment in the Mediterranean 

Drawing on the first phase of the Programme, Phase II aims to:

  • Provide targeted policy advice and capacity building on investment policy design and implementation
  • Facilitate public-private dialogues on investment climate reforms in priority sectors
  • Support monitoring and evaluation of reforms to gauge success

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Summary of Activites

EU-OECD Programme on Promoting Investment in the Mediterranean Phase I

The Programme supports efforts to boost the quality and quantity of investment to and within the Mediterranean region. Working in partnership with governments and institutions, it engages in regional and national actions to create more robust and coherent investment policies and strategies, including:

  • modernising investment policies
  • promoting inclusive investment strategies
  • increasing the region’s investment promotion capacities
  • building institutional capacity through peer learning
  • promoting networking between investment promotion agencies
  • enhancing public-private dialogue for more inclusive policy making
  • engaging the business sector responsibly

Programme actions build on well-established international tools and standards such as the OECD’s Policy Framework for Investment and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises

The Programme is governed by an Advisory Group co-chaired by the European Commission and the OECD, with the participation of representatives of beneficiary countries, the Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean and other key regional partners.


The EU-OECD Programme Newsletter also provides current news on investment issues in the region: 

Past events, reports & background notes 

Enhancing Integrity for Sustainable development

18-19 February 2020| Barcelona, Spain

This regional seminar analysed the importance of fighting corruption and promoting integrity to attract and retain investment in the MED region. Policy makers from investment and anti-corruption bodies, private sector and civil society representatives from MED and EU economies explored how effective cooperative anti-corruption efforts can promote a sound investment climate and what are the necessary implementation actions.

Investment climate in Algeria and investor-state dispute settlement

11-12 November 2019 | Algiers, Algeria

The workshop began with a roundtable on investment climate which focussed on reform priorities to attract investors and develop the private sector. The roundtable was followed by working sessions and capacity-building sessions on the international legal framework applicable to investment and the settlement of investor-state disputes. 

Investment promotion and facilitation in the MED region

22 October 2019 | Paris

Organised in the context of the 4th Meeting of the OECD Investment Promotion Agency (IPA) Network, the regional seminar focused on monitoring and evaluating investment promotion activities, as well as the important role IPAs play in spurring innovation.

The publication Mapping of Investment Promotion Agencies: Middle East and North Africa was offically launched.


Strengthening the Palestinian business and investment climate
1 October 2019 | Ramallah

The workshop explored how the Palestinian Authority can foster a regulatory, institutional and administrative environment more conducive to quality investment attraction and SME development. The event engaged 100 participants in an open exchange to advance the reform agenda in light of the specific conditions of the business environment.


Improving investment incentives in the MED region
1-2 July 2019 | Amman

This regional seminar explored the use of incentives to attract investment in the MED region. It addressed the types of incentives granted in the region, their effectiveness, their potential adverse and beneficial effects, and the implementation of policy measures to improve their impact.


Third Advisory Group of the Programme
6 March 2019 | Tunis

Beneficiary countries and partners discussed the activities of the second year of the Programme, their impact and endorsed the proposed programme of work for the third year of implementation.


Measuring FDI and its impact on sustainable development in the Mediterranean
5 March 2019 | Tunis

The regional seminar focused on FDI statistics and capacity to monitor the socio-economic impact of FDI with a view to orient policy reforms. It was followed by a national workshop on FDI Statistics for Tunisia.


MED Investment Promotion Agencies: trends and practices through the OECD mapping
October 2018 | Paris

The regional seminar held in Paris on 22-23 October discussed the findings of the preliminary OECD Mapping of MED IPAs. Organised back-to-back with the 3rd meeting of the OECD IPA Network, it allowed for exchanges on practices to attract quality investment and improve the policy advocacy role of IPAs.


Investment dispute management and prevention
June 2018 | Cairo

The regional seminar held in Cairo on 26-27 June 2018 in co-operation with CRCICA gathered over 140 participants from 8 MED countries. The aim was to build capacities for dealing with and preventing investor-State disputes, in a context of ever more international investment disputes, notably in MED countries, and growing concerns globally.


Business linkages for inclusive investment 
April 2018 | Beirut


The regional seminar on “Promoting Business Linkages in Global Value Chains: Policies and Tools” (17-18 April 2018, Beirut) and the national workshop on “Inclusive investment for local development in Lebanon” (19 April 2018) discussed ways to attract investment that generates linkages between multi-national enterprises (MNEs) and domestic SMEs.


Second Advisory Group Meeting
March 2018 | Paris

At the 20 March 2018 meeting, beneficiary countries and partners discussed the activities of the Programme’s first year, lessons learnt and future challenges. Participants also discussed and endorsed the proposed programme of work for the second year of implementation.


Institutional Reforms of Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs)
January 2018 | Rabat

The regional seminar (30-31 January 2018, Rabat) provided a platform for MED and EU IPAs to exchange on their institutional frameworks for investment promotion and on-going reforms. The seminar was followed by a national workshop on “Transformation of the Moroccan Agency for Investment and Exports Development (AMDIE): Good Practices and International Perspective” (1 February 2018).


Sustainable investment and responsible business conduct (RBC) in the Mediterranean
November 2017 | Cairo

The regional seminar (6-7 November 2017, Cairo) offered an interactive platform for exchange on how governments are integrating RBC standards in their investment policies. The seminar was followed by a national workshop organised to help Egypt raise awareness of government stakeholders and support the set-up of the National Contact Point (NCP) under the OECD Declaration on International Investment.


Investment promotion: focus on incentives and territorial development
October 2017 | Paris

Organised back-to-back with the OECD Investment Committee and its Network of Investment Promotion Agencies, the regional seminar on “Making Investment Promotion Work for Sustainable Development in the Mediterranean” (16-17 October 2017, Paris) focused on the effective use of incentives and reforms to decentralise investment promotion and provided strong peer-learning impact for participants.


Legal investment reforms in the Mediterranean region
May 2017 | Tunis

The regional seminar on “Improving Investment Frameworks: a Focus on Regulatory Reforms” (16-17 May 2017, Tunis) took stock of legal reforms in the region, debated challenges to create an enabling regulatory framework, and discussed restrictions to investment and their impact on attracting investors.


First Advisory Group Meeting
March 2017 | Paris

This meeting (7 March 2017, Paris) marked the end of the inception phase of the Programme. The Advisory Group presented the key findings of the scoping missions to four beneficiary countries, while discussions focussed on fine-tuning the Programme’s objectives according to beneficiary countries’ priorities and endorsing the road map for the first-year activities.


Launch of the Programme
3-4 October 2016 | Tunis

The OECD Secretary-General launched this four-year Programme in Tunisia at the MENA-OECD Ministerial Conference on 3-4 October 2016: 


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