Investment policy

Conference on evaluating and enhancing outcomes of investment treaties


7 March 2017 8h30-18h00 OECD Conference Centre, Paris

Investment treaties count among the most widely used instruments that seek to foster international investment. The investment treaty system is both expanding – with major new treaties and many ongoing negotiations – and contracting – with some governments terminating treaties that they see as outdated.

The 2017 conference on investment treaties provided greater clarity on how to evaluate outcomes of investment treaties. In particular, debates focused on:

  • Evaluating societal benefits and costs of investment treaties
  • Updating investment treaties through joint government interpretations
  • Enhancing investment treaty outcomes and addressing concerns about globalisation




Key issues on international investment agreements



Joint Interpretative Instrument on the CETA between Canada and the EU and its Member States, 2016

Sanum Investments Ltd. v. The Government of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, [2016] SGCA 57 (Singapore Court of Appeal 29 Sept. 2016)

The legal framework applicable to joint interpretive agreements of investment treaties, 2016

Investment treaties over time: treaty practice and interpretation in a changing world, 2015

State-to-State dispute settlement and the interpretation of investment treaties, 2016




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