Industry and globalisation

91st Session of the Steel Committee, virtual meeting, 29-31 March 2022


Chair's Statement


Economic impacts of Russia's aggression against Ukraine notably on steel markets

  • Presentation by the OECD Economics Department on the economic and financial impacts.
  • Presentation by Kallanish Commodities on the impacts on steel raw material markets.


Global steel market situation and steel demand prospects

  • Presentation by the Secretariat on the global steel market situation.
  • Presentation by the Worldsteel Association on the short-range outlook for steel demand.
  • Presentation by the Institut du Dévelopement Durable et des Relations Internationales (IDDRI) on long-term steel demand in view of the green transition.


Regional steel market developments: reports by steel industry associations


Steelmaking capacity developments

  • Presentation by the Secretariat on the latest developments in steelmaking capacity.
  • Presentation by the Secretariat on low-carbon projects: how prominent are they in capacity developments.
  • Presentation by the South East Asia Iron and Steel Institute (SEAISI) on capacity investments taking place in ASEAN.


Steel trade policy developments

  • Presentation by the Secretariat on the monitoring report on steel trade and trade policy developments.


Steel trade measures circumvention

  • Presentation by the Secretariat on the results of the empirical work on indicators of potential trade circumvention.


State-owned enterprises in the steel sector: subsidisation and performance of steel SOEs

  • Presentation by the Secretariat on the preliminary work on the second stage of analysis.


International discussions on steel and OECD work relevant for the Committee

  • Presentation by the delegation of the United Kingdom on the outcome of COP26, implications for the steel sector and relevance for the work of the Steel Committee.
  • Presentation by the OECD Trade and Agriculture Directorate on i) the climate implications of government support and ii) supply chain disruptions.



More OECD work on Steel