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Save the date: 2018 Event on Inclusive Business

23 January 2018, Paris. The 2018 event will review progress on the implementation of the Due Diligence Guidance, address emerging risks in the sector and share learnings on implementation of the due diligence guidance across geographies.

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Venue - OECD Conference Centre


To request registration, please contact We will try to accommodate all requests depending on availability and security parameters. We encourage you to request your registration at your earliest convenience. Please note that OECD delegates and governmental officials should register directly through their delegation (event number 82490). Registration will close on Friday 19 January 2018. All participants are responsible for ensuring they hold valid travel documents for France.


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‌Inclusive Business at the OECD aims to support global efforts to tackle inequality, increase prosperity, and ensure that the benefits of growth are widely shared.
More equal societies benefit business and its ecosystems:

  • Higher political and social stability;
  • More engaged and productive employees; 
  • More sustainable and productive engagement with the supply chain;
  • Stronger reputational capital;
  • Appealing to key demographics - social and economic inequality was ranked as the top concern in a recent survey of more than 1,000 millennials in 125 countries, ahead of climate change and education.


To this end, the OECD is working to create a network of Businesses for Inclusive Growth.

This network will be complementary to the existing Friends of Inclusive Growth (FOIG) and Champion Mayors for Inclusive Growth networks. Members will share best practices with like-minded peers and have access to other OECD networks and policymakers.


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Past Events on Inclusive Business

CEO’s Roundtable

6 June, 2017 OECD Headquarters, Paris

The OECD welcomed executive officers from Airbnb, AXA, Engie, Johnson & Johnson, McKinsey Global Institute, PensionDanmark, Randstad, Sodexo, Aegon, Telefonica, Deloitte and AARP to an overview of the Inclusive Growth project and a more detailed description of the Inclusive Business package. Discussion centred on incorporating inclusive practices into business frameworks and the associated challenges, inclusive growth as a priority for the business sector, perceptions of the public sector in moving inclusive growth forward, and the ways in which the OECD can assist businesses create a more inclusive environment.

Businesses and Inclusive Growth Event: Viavoice Diversity-OECD

18 April, 2017 OECD Headquarters, Paris ι AGENDA

This joint VIAVOICE-OECD event focused on encouraging businesses to engage with stakeholders to measure their social impact as well as innovating business practices for the common good. Panellists included directors from L’Oréal, HEC, Orange, SNCF and Danone.

OECD Workshop on Measuring Business Impacts on People’s Wellbeing

23-24 February, 2017 OECD Headquarters, Paris ι AGENDA

The OECD welcomed over 200 participants from government, academia, international organisations, businesses and many other professional disciplines to this workshop. Discussion centred on measuring business impacts on well-being through the creation of new measurement standards in close collaboration with business, and as part of existing reporting practices that already transcend economic performance.

The Workshop was organised in collaboration with the OECD, the Society and Organisation Centre (SnO) of HEC Paris, the Humanistic Management Network, Fordham University and is part of the Leading for Well-Being Initiative, an international coalition of organisations, scholars, business people, media experts and policy makers seeking to integrate the emerging practice of well-being with more sustainable practices at the corporate, community and policy levels.

Policy dialogue: OECD Initiative on Business and Inclusive Growth

15 November, 2016 – OECD Headquarters, Paris ι AGENDA

Practical discussions took place between innovative business leaders in energy, sustainability and food, the OECD and government representatives on embedding inclusive growth into business practice and policy.


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