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Venue and dates

The workshop on Policy Coherence in the Application of ICTs for Development will take place in Paris on
10-11 September 2009.  It will be held at the conference centre at OECD Headquarters, 2 rue André-Pascal, 75016 Paris, France (Location map).

Conference Centre Mosaic


Participation is by invitation only.  There is no conference fee but registration is mandatory.  Enquiries concerning registration should be addressed to


For security reasons, all participants must be accredited and be in possession of their identification badge at all times, including at social events. Participants will receive their badges at the registration desk upon arrival at the Conference.  Please note that the access to the meeting room will be restricted to those wearing their identification badges.


The workshop will be in English, without interpretation.


Participants are responsible for hotel reservations and payment. Please find below a list of hotels within the vicinity of the OECD Conference Centre:


Getting to the OECD by public transportation


 Line C - Henri Martin Station


 Line 9 - La Muette station


 Line 63 - Octave Feuillet stop


 Line 52 - La Muette Boulainvilliers stop


 Line PC1 - Porte de la Muette stop

  • For more details concerning the various transport lines, consult the RATP map.  You can also request a copy when you purchase your transport tickets.
  • For more information concerning public transport in the Paris region, please consult the RATP website.

Vélib is a self-service “bike hire” system available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are multiple pick-up and drop-off locations which allow you to hire your bike from one service point and return it to another. Consult the Vélib website for more information and a list of Vélib stations.


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