Government of Iceland: Useful links


Government Sites:

Icelandic Government Offices ( 
The structure of the Web site of the Icelandic Government Offices is based on Ministries. Each Ministry has an independent entry and Web-pages which contain information on their portfolio, responsibilities and activities, the laws and regulations pertaining to it, organisation, press briefings and hand-outs, international cooperation, etc.
(in Icelandic and English)

Icelandic Parliament (
This site provides basic information on the Icelandic Parliament, its operations, its history and its staff.
(in Icelandic, Danish and English)

Official Site of the Icelandic Foreign Service (
Wealth of information about Iceland and Icelandic nature, its history and people, culture and science, travel and leisure, business in Iceland, its economy and foreign policy as well as links on numerous related subjects.
(in English)

Other Sites:

Statistics Iceland (
Economic and statistical information for Iceland.
(in English and Icelandic)


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