Portugal, Dr Ana Maria Teodoro Jorge, Minister for Health































Academic and Professional Qualifications

• Degree in Medicine, Classical University of Lisbon, 1973,
• Specialist in Medical Paediatrics, 1984
• Hospital Assistant in Medical Paediatrics, Hospital Dona Estefânia, 1987


Professional Career

• Director of the Paediatrics Service, Hospital Garcia da Orta, 2001 to 2007
• President of the Board, Regional Health Administration of Lisbon and Tagus Valley, 1997 to 2000
• Coordinator of the Health Sub region of Lisbon,  1996 to 1997
• Hospital Assistant in Medical Paediatrics, Hospital Garcia da Orta, 1991 to 1996
• Assistant Professor, National School of Public Health (Maternal, Child, School and Adolescent Health), 1985 TO 1992
• Assistant of General Therapeutic, Faculty of Medicine of Lisbon, 1973 to 1975
• Coordinator of the Nucleus of Bifid Spine, Hospital Dona Estefânia, 1989 to 1991
• Coordinator of the School Health Team at the Health Centre, Caneças, 1977 to 1982
• Hospital Assistant in Paediatrics, Hospital Dona Estefânia, 1984 to 1991


Other Affiliation

• Chair of the Ethics Committee, Hospital Garcia da Orta, 2003 to 2008
• Member of the Jury on Complementary Internship of Medical Paediatrics, 2003 to 2008
• Member of the Board of the Medical Paediatrics College, 1993 to 1998
• Member of the Board of the Development Sector, Paediatrics Society, 1994-1997
• Coordinator of the Humanisation Sector, Institute for Support to Children, 1998-2008
• Representative of the Ministry of Health in intersectoral Working Groups with the Ministries of Education and Social Security on Early Intervention.



• Award of the specialized magazine on Parent and Children “Pais e Filhos”, 1994
• Prize Sigma for the Team Work “Acute Diarrheal in Paediatrics – a contribute to the etiological and clinical study”, 1986


Extensive communications and publications on Medical Paediatrics.


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