Green growth and sustainable development

Subsidy Reform and Sustainable Development: Political Economy Aspects


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ISBN: 9789264019362
Released: March 2007
Pages: 130


OECD Sustainable Development Studies

Subsidy Reform and Sustainable Development: Political Economy Aspects

OECD Publishing

Unsustainable subsidies are pervasive in the industry, agriculture, transport and energy sectors of most OECD countries. They are expensive for governments and can have harmful environmental and social effects. Eliminating these supports requires comprehensive approaches which are supported by top political leadership, transparent in their potential effects on all parties, consistent over the long-term, and often accompanied by transition supports. This volume uses sectoral case studies to illustrate that achieving change in structural policies such as subsidies depends largely on good governance practices.


Table of contents

Preface, Kiyo Akasaka, Deputy Secretary General, OECD
Chair’s Summary, Lori Ridgeway, Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Discussant Remarks, Blair Comley, Australian Delegation to the OECD
PART I. Enabling Subsidy Reform through Addressing Economic, Environmental and Social Impacts
 - Chapter 1. A Sustainable Development Framework for Assessing the Benefits of Subsidy Reform, Stephan Barg, Aaron Cosbey and Ronald Steenblik, International Institute for Sustainable Development
 - Chapter 2. Easing Subsidy Reform for Producers, Consumers and Communities, Anthony Cox, OECD Trade and Agriculture Directorate
PART II. Case Studies of Subsidy Reform and Sustainable Development
 - Chapter 3. Agriculture, Janet Dwyer, Gloucestershire University, United Kingdom
 - Chapter 4. Energy, Doug Koplow, Earth Track, United States
 - Chapter 5. Fisheries, James Brown, Institute for European Environmental Policy
 - Chapter 6. Forestry, Pentti Lähteenoja, Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry


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