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Sustainable Materials Management - Making Better Use of Resources


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Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) is increasingly recognised as a policy approach that can make a key contribution to green growth and the challenges that are posed by sustained global economic and demographic growth. One of the key challenges of the SMM approach is to effectively address the environmental impacts that can occur along the life-cycle of materials, which frequently extends across borders and involves a multitude of different economic actors.

This book outlines a series of policy principles for SMM, examines how to set and use targets for SMM, and explores various policy instruments for SMM.  In addition it provides examples of policy action plans from the UK and the Netherlands, before presenting a series of conclusions and recommendations. 

                               Table of contents                               

Executive Summary

Overview and Recommendations (English and French)

Chapter 1. SMM principles
• Introduction and methodology
• SMM policy principles
• National application of policy principles
• Conclusions
Chapter 2. Setting and using targets for SMM: Opportunities and challenges
• Introduction
• Definitions
• Context and objectives of SMM policy and target setting
• An inventory of current and emerging practice
• Key considerations in setting and implementing targets
• Lessons learned and conclusions
• Annex 2.A1: National SMM-related target summary tables
• Annex 2.A2: Private-sector case studies
Chapter 3. Policy instruments for sustainable materials management
• SMM policy instrument overview
• Policy instrument assessment
• Case examples 
• Japan’s Sound Material-Cycle Society
• UK Climate Change Act 2008
• California Green Chemistry Initiative
• Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT)
• European Union Sustainable Consumption & Production and Sustainable Industry Policy Action Plan
• Dutch Chain-Oriented Waste Policy
• UK Clothing Product Roadmap
• Conclusions and recommendations


Figure: Systems view of material flow cycles and policy frameworks

Figure: Systems view of material flow cycles and policy frameworks, Source: OECD (2011c), Policy Principles for Sustainable Materials Management, Paris


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