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Southeast Asia Expert Seminar: Aligning Policies for the Transition to a low-carbon Economy - Reconciling Environmental, Social and Economic Objectives


The OECD and the Ministry of Finance of Indonesia (Fiscal Policy Agency) held an expert seminar on 4-5 November, 2015 in Bogor, Indonesia. The event brought together representatives from the ASEAN line ministries, research organisations and other key international organisations to share their knowledge and expertise on the topic. This event was supported by the OECD Knowledge Sharing Alliance.

The seminar focused on four objectives:

  1. To discuss the findings of the work conducted by the OECD on policy alignment for a low carbon transition (Aligning policies for a low-carbon economy, OECD, et. al. 2015) in order to provide policymakers and key stakeholders with a reference to help improve alignment and coherence between environmental and socio-economic policies.

  2. To present and discuss the results of the OECD’s new Inventory of Support Measures for Fossil Fuels 2015, which covers key emerging economies (Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, the Russian Federation, and South Africa) in addition to all 34 OECD countries.

  3. To discuss the experience of fossil fuel subsidy reform in ASEAN to consider options for addressing both social and environmental goals. This will provide a platform for experts from ASEAN, OECD, and other selected partner countries to discuss the social aspects of fossil fuel subsidy to facilitate further reforms.

  4. To exchange views and experiences on measurement of environmental policies, including preliminary results of data collection and challenges faced. References to cross-country and inter-temporal proxies that are used to quantify the effects of firm and industry-level growth includes OECD’s Indicators of Environmental Policy Stringency (EPS) and Burdens on the Economy due to Environmental Policies (BEEP). EPS indicators have been recently extended to BRIICS, and possibly to other Southeast Asian countries. 





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Indonesia Bogor Meeting - November 2015


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     - Presentation by Noriko Hase, Expert, Japan International Cooperation Agency

Summary Report

A Summary Report of the meeting will be available shortly.

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