Green growth and sustainable development

Workshop: Measuring the potential of green growth in Chile (Santiago, Chile)


International workshop
29th - 30th November 2012 – Santiago, Chile


Indicators of local transition to a low-pollution, low-carbon and resource-efficient economy

Regional and sectorial approaches in Chile:
Sustainable construction – Sustainable tourism – Consumption and production of firewood

Jointly organised by the Ministry of Environment of Chile and the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Chile
in cooperation with the OECD LEED Programme


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Why attend

Chile continues to experience an increasing integration into the world economy, which implies, among others, that export companies are facing increasing environmental requirements. The environment has become a key aspect of competitiveness in international markets.

Furthermore, to improve the environmental quality of the country requires great efforts to reduce pollution of different types, as well as an efficient use of resources, followed by the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

In turn, Chile's OECD membership presents additional challenges, both in the context of changing patterns of production and consumption, and in the framework of a more sustainable economy. Specifically, green growth emphasizes improving growth rates, particularly through greening existing industries, as well as through new eco-businesses. This process involves the creation of qualified jobs that require appropriate education and vocational training.

The workshop applied this background to the sectors “construction”, “tourism” and “firewood consumption and production”, focused on different regions of Chile (north, center and south). In all these areas the Government of Chile has taken important commitments and is making significant efforts – together with other stakeholders – to move towards sustainability in these and other sectors. In this context, Chile needs to identify measurable indicators for a local transition to a low-pollution, low-carbon and resource-efficient economy.

The workshop and the related case study were proposed within the framework of the OECD Green Growth Strategy.The results of the whole OECD-LEED project – especially the above mentioned indicators – will be the base for different regional and local decision makers. Read more about the OECD LEED Project on measuring the potential of green growth - Indicators of local transition to a low-carbon economy.


Discussion themes

  • Green environmental assets.
  • Greening production and consumption.
  • Green jobs and skills for transition to a low pollution, low carbon and resource efficient economy.
  • Sustainable strategies for local public and private actors.

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Who should attend

  • Representatives from stakeholders in the area: public institutions, private organizations, business sector, SMEs, social partners, non-government organizations and regional networks.
  • Representatives from the sectors construction, tourism and firewood.
  • Skills and employment development experts from local organisations and industry.
  • Academics and experts on green indicators, human capital development, local development, private sector development and local governance.



Santiago, Chile.



Dr. Alwine Woischnik
Sustainability Coordinator
Research Division
Ministry of Environment
Teatinos 258
Santiago - Chile
Phone : (56-2) 2411870 

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For further information about the OECD LEED project, please contact Cristina Martinez-Fernandez at the OECD Secretariat.