Greening cities, regions and communities

Climate change, employment and local development: A LEED project


Managing the transition to a greener economy is essential for economic growth. At the OECD Ministerial Council Meeting, acknowledging that green and growth go hand-in-hand, Ministers asked the OECD to develop a Green Growth Strategy. Through joint analysis of economic and environmental policies, and by addressing other key issues related to the adaptation and the transition to a greener economy, the OECD can help to make a cleaner low-carbon economy compatible with growth.


This project aims to help national and local authorities put in place good quality greener jobs by developing lower-carbon activities.  It will provide guidance on policy interventions and actions to develop quality employment in the greener economy, to meet the needs for new skills, and to manage the transition of local labour markets to a low-carbon economy. This project is making an important contribution to the OECD Green Growth Strategy by highlighting innovative approaches to manage the transition to a greener economy and to enable green growth.


Four countries participated in this project: Australia, Poland, Spain, and the United Kingdom.  Two more countries, Italy and Austria, organised further study visits and meetings.  The European Commission provided financial support towards this project.  A synthesis report summarising the key findings of the peer review has been prepared.  The global launch of the report took place in Sydney in December 2011


The report Enabling Local Green Growth: Addressing Climate Change Effects on Employment and Local Development will be available in 2012. 


For more information on the project, please contact Ms Gabriela Miranda from the OECD Secretariat.